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 Where are we now

IDRONECT is an online platform for (professional) drone pilots to make it easier to  fly drones in a safe; legal and efficient way.

IDRONECT users can check accurate information like no-fly zones and airspaces on up-to-date aeronautical charts.Verify NOTAM’s, check live weather and minimize the risks of your drone operations.

Drone regulations are transformed in practical workflows so it becomes easy to fly legal and safe, even for people who are new to aviation.

We exist since 2015 and today we are market leader in Belgium. But Belgium is only Belgium, so we’re looking for new international partners to grow bigger and help the drone industry move forward!


Where do we go 

In order to do so we have created a state-of -the-art validation engine which allows to transform local legislation into convenient workflows. With our Rule Editor we can transform ANY drone regulation (national, regional, local) into a super easy and intuitive workflow. This way, it becomes easy to be legal and safe.


This validation engine can be set up independently for any country or region through our advanced country manager interface.

Now we are looking for local partners in each country to adapt our platform to their countries specific needs and then to be our distribution partner for that country. Because we feel that no-one knows the local drone sector as best as a local expert. Interested ?   Read on !

Fully IDRONECT ready

Not Fully IDRONECT ready

Regulation to workflow

What’s in it for you

  •  As a partner you will get a commission on all the subscriptions as well as on the offline sales in your country
  • You’re able to position yourself as the drone-expert of your country
  • You can promote yourself on the platform and offer consultancy such as operation manuals, risk assessments,…

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