Country Specific Drone Regulations

IDRONECT has an integrated Drone Rule Engine which is extremely powerful. This is how we transform any drone regulation , whether it is national, geographical, local or even your own company rules, into a super smooth intuitive workflow that makes it so easy to fly legal and safe in that country, city, region or area.

What does this mean ? Follow the example here.

Within the IDRONECT dashboard you can click on the World Map. The map hereunder opens up.

When you hover your cursor over the specific countries you will get a view on the status of that country. When it shows green, then it means that all the country specific data has been integrated into IDRONECT. This means Airspace data (via a map), live NOTAMS for that country, the weather and solar index and last but not least also the Drone rules for that country. And with that we don’t mean a collection of pdf files that contain the rules as text. No, it means that the rules which were once text are transformed into a workflow.

In the picture below, the cursor hovered over Italy, for which we have drone rules included.

When you want to fly in Italy you go to the dashboard and create a new flight.

The map of Italy opens up with all the airspace data and you may toggle the NOTAM information on or off.

When hovering over a specific airspace then the information of that airspace is shown, as shown below.

On the right side of the map a menu opens up that asks the drone pilot the basic details for the flight. Now here comes the power of the Drone Rule Engine which is integrated in IDRONECT.

The two illustrations below show the benefit.

When the drone pilot has drawn his flight zone and flight path, he/she adds the identity of the pilot, drone type and planned height. IDRONECT automatically fetches the applicable drone rules for that country/city/area if they have been integrated. The drone rule engine transforms those rules into simple questions, checkboxes and dropdowns which the pilot needs to answer. Depending on the answer on those questions, IDRONECT knows which type of flight is now planned.

In the example below a ‘non-critical flight’ according to Italian drone rules with an IDROGRADE of 84.86. (learn more on IDROGRADE)

Since each country, region , area, city might have different rules, the generated workflow questions are different as well. The illustrations below show some possible flight categories/classes for a flight with Belgian Drone Rules.
Now what if the drone rules for the country, area, city or wherever you will be flying did not yet fly through our Drone Rule Engine ? When you hover your cursor over the country and it shows Orange like here below for Poland ? And you want to use all the other good stuff of IDRONECT while flying in Poland ? We understand !

Why don’t you claim the regulations ?

We are working with a network of IDRONECT country ambassadors . Interested in becoming one ? Click Here!

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