Customer Management.

IDRONECT does not only make it easy to fly safe and legal. If you operate drones commercially and want to make money with your services, we have your back when it comes to customer management.

You add your (future) customers into the profile section.

Then the entire sales funnel is integrated into IDRONECT:

1. You get a request from a customer for a flight

2. You create the flight scenario in IDRONECT. Enter location, height, which drone you should use, need extra equipment ?

3. Connect that customer to the flight scenario

4. Create the quote (with all details, flight map and description) and send straight from within IDRONECT to the customer

5. (you can give access to the customer to view the activities live in IDRONECT through the tracking feature)

6. Customer accepts your quote.

7. Fly the mission

8. Send the invoice for that flight from within IDRONECT.

9. See all quotes/invoices done for that customer

10. Link to your bookkeeping system


You can customize the look, feel, colours, invoice terms in the set-up of your account.


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