IDRONECT is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that provides an end-to-end management platform for the administration, operation and compliance of drone flights, to help drone pilots, both professional and amateurs, to plan, perform and track drone flights in an easy and intuitive way.

We help to operate the drone easy, safe and legal with a few mouseclicks, on any device and any operating system from A to Z: from finding a customer, to planning a flight, to processing the data.

IDRONECT also connects pilots to the other actors in the drone ecosystem, such as authorities, air traffic management, drone manufacturers, drone schools, test centra, insurers, hardware providers etc.

How Does IDRONECT Work?

IDRONECT has a two-step flow.

First you fill out your user profiles for pilots, drones and accessories. That only takes a few minutes.

Based on these profiles, you can start making flight scenarios (flight plans could be another way of putting it). IDRONECT calculates the applicable flight classes or risk classes and lets you prepare these flights, perform them and even track the actual live flightpath.

After the flight, all data is recorded in the logbooks for pilots, drones and accessories.

Is There Training Required To Use IDRONECT?

No training is required. Basically, IDRONECT is simple and intuitive to use as it follows a step-by-step logic. Addtional guidance is offered through “How To” articles which can be found in our Blog and How To section.

We also organise regular webinars that go through the entire application. Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for when the next one is scheduled.

Is There A Back-Up Of Data?

A daily back-up of all data is made on our secure servers.

Can I Export IDRONECT Data To Excel Or PDF ?

Yes, you can export certain data to Excel, CSV or pdf. Pilot and drone profiles can be exported to Excel and CSV files. Logbooks can furthermore also be exported to PDF files by clicking on the desired format above the logbook.

Can I Delete A Flight Scenario?

We have made sure you can archive flight scenarios, in case you would like to use them at a later stage. It’s not deleting in the pure sense of the word.

The archive button can be found in the mission control page , under the pilot management section.

In the dashboard you can choose to show all flight scenarios or only the non-archived (the live) ones.

Do I Need To Install IDRONECT On My Computer?

No, you don’t need to install anything on your computer. IDRONECT is a Software as a Service (SaaS) meaning it is provided through a web-interface. It works on all types of computers and any operating system as well as with any web browser.

How Do Updates Work?

We do the updates for you. You don’t have to update the application yourself. On a regular basis (a few times per month)new features or application improvements get pushed to your account, so you are always working with the latest version.

In your dashboard (the first screen you see when you log in), the latest update details are highlighted as well as a full history of updates.

Can I Use IDRONECT On My Tablet Or Smartphone ?

We have mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, you can download them in the app store or play store!

How Is Your Data Secured?

Our servers and communication is protected with an industry standard SSL connection. This keeps your data safe.

What Are The Terms Of Use Of IDRONECT?

The terms of use can be found here and need to be agreed to when signing up.

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