Feature List IDRONECT

These Features are available in the current version of IDRONECT. This list grows continuously. Never Less, always More. Fly More !

Full ADQ Maps

All aeronautical charts with airspace data, (no)-fly zones, information straight from Eurocontrol

complete logbooks

The platform has exportable logbooks for drone pilots, drones, accessories and flights;

customer management

Manage your customers, send them quotes based on a flightplan, and follow it up with an invoice

weather, NOTAMS, KP

Check the actual local weather, solar index, NOTAMS and other information before the flight

country drone regulations

Intuitive workflows are based on the local customized drone regulations for your country / area

Connect to community

Connect to other drone pilots , enthusiasts, customers and share flights, experiences, ask questions

connect to authorities

Flights that need permission from authorities are communicated straight from IDRONECT. Fast !

tracking and geofencing

Follow your drone live and realtime. Don’t wonder off into forbidden zones thanks to our geofencing

dynamic checklists

Loaded with all sorts of checklists for all flight phases, maintenance, risk assessments etc…

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