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Download IDRONECT’s complete dynamic preflight checklist for free by signing up below. Go take a look in the IDRONECT platform, we have a bunch of pre-installed checklists!

The first complete dynamic drone checklist

What is a dynamic checklist

“A Dynamic List is a list of values extracted dynamically from a database at runtime.” What this actually means is that you can integrate the complete IDRONECT platform in a checklist.

When you create an item on the checklist you have a couple of options:
a standard point, a title point, a highlighted point or a dynamic point.
Dynamic points are points that are fully integrated in your checklist when you execute the checklist. This means you can actually see the weather in the checklist when creating a point “weather”. Watch the video to see how this works!

Add/View document

Start/Stop duty

Check KP index

Check weather

Check airspace

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