Enabling the Drone Industry by doing the good thing.

Drones are great and can be used for great things.

With IDRONECT we want to commit to making the drone industry grow by flying more, but we also want to contribute to enable drones to be used for a higher cause.

That is why we have decided to do the good thing and support events or projects that make the world a better place. And you can help.

As a drone user and enthousiast you give back to the drone community when you sign up for an IDRONECT account.


How does it work ?

5% of the earnings IDRONECT makes on user accounts, premium features or services go to three shortlisted projects that makes the world a better place by using drones.

We continuously keep a status report on how the charity projects are doing on our blog and community pages so you can check how it is going.

The IDRONECT community (which is you !, join us) shortlists each year 3 charity projects.

Besides money, IDRONECT actively supports the charity event with non-monetary items such as flight planning, risk assessment, user accounts etc…

Via IDRONECT you may also want to commit to a bigger contribution to the charity projects. Get in touch.

What if you are non-paying user of IDRONECT ? Well, the more users we have that can give us feedback and be part of our community, the better our support and products become.  They are then used by the charities involved. So no worries, you will always contribute. And you may of course always decide to send your support to the charity we have selected.


Our Supported Charity Projects for the current year are :

UNICEF - HIV Treatments

Unicef is creating a ‘drone corridor’ in Malawi to deliver HIV Treatments to patients. Drone testing is done for transport, imaging and connectivity.

The Plastic Tide

The Plastic Tide uses drones and algorithm technology to create an open source map of the plastic pollution problem.

Medecins Sans Frontières

Creating informative maps enhanced by geographic information system (GIS) technology, these devices have a multitude of uses – whether it’s to plan the layout of a large camp, identify the location of boreholes in a cholera outbreak, or track a vaccination as it’s being rolled out.

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