Growth Genius

Our future Growth Genius does not believe in boxes. He or she can not be fitted in one. Not in the IT box, not in the Marketing box and not in the Sales box. That is because Out-Of-The-Box is his/her mantra !

If you are super creative, analytical, data-driven, customer-centric and mad about experimenting with growth initiatives then by all means click on the picture to find out more

Full Stack Developer

As a Fullstack Javascript Ninja, you love to follow-up the latest and greatest trends in web development. You prefer component-driven design as you want to re-use stuff as much as possible throughout your application. You despise copying code inside the applications you work on as you prefer maintainability over hacking. You know how to apply styling guidelines, and you love to make your apps as user-friendly as possible.

Click on the picture to find out more.

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