Need an Operations Manual?

Does your authority, insurance or customers request a written handbook of how you plan, perform and record your drone flights ? Or do you want to describe your drone company and the flights you are doing ?
And you don’t know how to do it ?
Writing a handbook or as we call it Operations Manual can be quite intimidating and demanding. It can be very time-consuming.
Where to start ? How much in detail should we go ? What do we do if changes are happening ? A lot of questions that don’t have easy answers.

IDRONECT helps you

We can write your tailormade Operations Manual for you. At IDRONECT we have a lot of experience in aviation compliance, transforming complex regulations into easy workflows and procedures, and the people at IDRONECT have been writing Operations and other aviation manuals for a variety of customers; from airlines, to flightschools, maintenance companies and drone operators.

It all makes sense

Having an Operations Manual written by IDRONECT makes sense, as a lot of the required information is already present in your IDRONECT account. IDRONECT is a drone management platform that assists you, the drone operator, from A to Z. Your drone management is in fact performed by IDRONECT.
Therefore we can create an Operations Manual, completely tailormade to your specific company or operation, in a quick and efficient way.

Simple, fast and cost-efficient

For certain countries (like Belgium, Italy and Spain) we follow the required subject areas so you can have your manual approved by the authorities. Contact us if your country is not listed or if you need your manual approved against a different rule set (e.g. ISO 9001).The process of getting a tailormade Operations Manual for your organisation is simple, fast and cost-efficient.

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