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“Fly More”

Tom Verbruggen – CEO IDRONECT

October 2018



To Fly More.

To fly more with unmanned air vehicles, or drones as we will refer to them from on, that is.

IDRONECT makes drones fly more and makes you fly your drones more. IDRONECT enables more drone flying and therefore contributes to growing the drone industry.

This is our main objective and our promise.

Our secondary objective is to connect drone professionals, which in turn will again lead to our main objective. We say that we IDRONECT drone professionals, which means that we connect drone professionals so they can reinforce each other and ultimately leads to more flying.

It is immediately linked to our vision: We want to be the go-to reference for the drone industry.

Flying more implies a core value of IDRONECT. This value is called Safety.

In order to fly more, safety needs to be ensured. A breakdown in safety may lead to less flights. However, for safety to exist we need to see more flying. While this may seem a contradiction it is explained as follows:

One could say that perfect drone safety can only exist if there are no drone flights at all.

In numerous articles throughout the aviation industry and other process driven industries, the notion of acceptable safety is introduced. We accept a certain level of risks, that could represent a breakdown of the safety level. While the level of acceptable safety for commercial air transport is determined as less than 1 accident per 1 million flights, the level of acceptable safety for drones is yet to be determined. We would love to think that a similar level to that which exists for commercial air transport is possible, but we immediately realise that this level is too high at this stage of adoption of the drone technology.


So how much is acceptable ? There are different point of views on this, (SESAR outlook study states 1 accident per 10.000 flights) but let’s just assume that we would like to have the level as high as possible.

If we consider a flight without occurrence, incident or accident as a safe one, as a flight where no loss or deterioration of safety has occurred. Said in another way, safety is one of the metrics for efficiency. In fact if the drone flying process is highly efficient, safety would be ensured. A flight which happened according to plan, is a safe flight.

So safety is the result of an efficient process.

Now in order to go from a new process to a process with an efficiency level that we find acceptable we realise that there is a progress curve (or learning curve if you will) to be followed. The fuel that drives this progress curve in the case of drones is more flying. The more we fly, the more data we can gather, the more we can compare actual flight data or experience to planned flight data or expectation and more possibility to determine trends and find strategies to overcome challenges or undesired (unsafe) trends.

Safety is not achieved by flying less. It is achieved by flying more.

Not just wildly start flying for the purpose of flying more. No, flying more in a systematic, continuous and data-driven way. A way that lets the learning curve move up.

Any process that follows a continuous improvement pattern is one that includes a feedback loop.

You plan something, you do accordingly, you check or review the result and act if the result is not what is supposed to be.

Continuously monitored feedback loops need to be present in each drone flight we plan. This is where IDRONECT comes in. Each flight can be planned, performed, reviewed and actions defined to improve.

This is automatically also considered as systematic. You first plan a flight and then perform it, not vice versa. A systematic approach or certain predefined process, like a workflow is exactly what IDRONECT delivers. IDRONECT allows more flying in a safe, legal and efficient way.

Planning a flight can be as simple as a mental picture of what you will do and can be as complex as a drawn picture with coordinates, heights, speeds, etc…

Does this only count for professional drone flights ?

Nope! Also recreational users can learn and can contribute to making the drone industry more efficient and therefore more safe. Flying for fun, for a cause, for a profession, … whatever the reason each flight is an opportunity to learn, each flight will be an opportunity to gather data and will lead to better strategies to improve safety.

And the process needs to be data-driven, which means that data is gathered, from big events to the smallest possible occurences or metrics.

Data is what fuels the trend prediction, and data is what will prevent incidents or accidents.

So how does IDRONECT actually contribute in making the drone industry grow ?

Our goal is to have IDRONECT base platform distributed worldwide to all recreational, serious recreational and professional drone users/pilots, in order to create an IDRONECT community.

Users will get a fully functional integrated base platform which they can configure to their own needs within the extent possible.

We also believe very hard in education and awareness. On our website and blog you will find tons of material on drone technology, drone regulations, aviation principles, good practices, free tools and calculators all destined to inform the user and to raise awareness.

We actively support new drone applications that want to improve humanitarian, ecological or technological needs. Candidates may present their case on how they will improve something to make the world a better place using drones, and by saying how they will use IDRONECT to make that happen.

We actively support charities that deliver value by means of drones. Does your charity want to plant trees in the Sahel using drones ? IDRONECT supports you.

All of these initiatives make the community of IDRONECT bigger, more data is gathered and used to make better features, that will increase the number of flights yet again, and overall improve safety.


Fly More ! We will support you.

Tom Verbruggen


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