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Fly your drone in a few easy steps. IDRONECT guides you fast and efficient into the world of drone flying.  Know where to fly, plan flights, manage equipment, make money and have fun while doing it. For Professionals and Recreation.

The only drone app you’ll ever need.

Easy to fly safe and legal

Flying drones is great and the opportunities are many. But it can be challenging too : knowing where to fly – and where not to fly, what are the (local) rules where I want to fly, which forms to send to authorities, what is the weather situation, how big is the risk for my planned flight, how to steer clear from other aviation traffic. These are common questions drone pilots ask themselves. But it does not need to be challenging: IDRONECT solves all questions and challenges easy and fast, through the intuitive platform, in just a few clicks. From creating your account to creating your first flight is a matter of minutes.

All resources in one application

The IDRONECT Drone Management Platform comes loaded with all necessary resources drone pilots need in flying their drones. Fully ADQ compliant Aeronuatical charts with all the relevant airspace information for a specific timeframe, country and local regulations, up-to-date weather and pilot information, logbooks, risk assessment tools, drone library and checklists are just but a few available resources that will make it easy to get into the air fast, legal and safe. And fun !

IDRONECT has your back and makes it easy to Fly More !

Connecting the Drone Professionals

IDRONECT is a Drone Management Platform that connects all stakeholders of the drone ecosystem. Pilots connect with customers, authorities, insurances.  Drone schools with students, manufacturers, and test centers. These connections speed up the process.

Imagine customers can find the right drone pilot for the upcoming job. Well, stop imaging, IDRONECT allows that straight in the platform.

All drone users and stakeholders can use IDRONECT to enable the fantastic potential drones have. Together we make sure that drones are used for the better and Fly More!

And a lot more …

And of course we don’t only take care of the legal and safety aspect. IDRONECT supports recreational and professional drone use, training, racing and much more. IDRONECT offers state-of-the art features like real-time tracking and geofencing, integrated customer management for making drone flight quotations and invoicing to customers, DJI logbook integration, drone registration and recognition etc…

The IDRONECT Drone Management Platform allows near limitless integration of drone related applications and services.

Furthermore, at IDRONECT we don’t stop developing new features that will make you Fly More !


These Features are available in the current version of IDRONECT. This list grows continuously. Never Less, always More. Fly More !

Full ADQ Maps

All aeronautical charts with airspace data, (no)-fly zones, information straight from Eurocontrol

complete logbooks

The platform has exportable logbooks for drone pilots, drones, accessories and flights;

customer management

Manage your customers, send them quotes based on a flightplan, and follow it up with an invoice

weather, NOTAMS, KP

Check the actual local weather, solar index, NOTAMS and other information before the flight

country drone regulations

Intuitive workflows are based on the local customized drone regulations for your country / area

Connect to community

Connect to other drone pilots , enthusiasts, customers and share flights, experiences, ask questions

connect to authorities

Flights that need permission from authorities are communicated straight from IDRONECT. Fast !

tracking and geofencing

Follow your drone live and realtime. Don’t wonder off into forbidden zones thanks to our geofencing


Loaded with all sorts of checklists for all flight phases, maintenance, risk assessments etc…

Flight Minutes Logged

Drones Managed

Kilometers Flown

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Let us show you how it works

We will take you on a quick, no-pressure tour of our products.

You will learn how to easily plan and perform flights, safe, legal and efficient.

We will show you how to use IDRONECT to save time so you can focus on what you love, Flying!


Don’t just take our word for it

We take great care of listening to our users, so we can improve continuously and develop new features all the time. Just as our users want us too. Below a few of our user’s reviews.

“IDRONECT is the best app for me. It is very easy to connect to the CAA and get my flight approved”

P. Mascart


“IDRONECT saves me so much time and effort. I can go ahead and fly in just minutes”

K. Beirnaert


“I love it! I can check all my drone scenarios on every device and I get the latest maps and information straight away”

S. Ingelbrecht


Want to become an IDRONECT Country Manager ?

Passionate about drones ? Access to a network of drone users ?

Know the ins and outs of drone regulations in your country ?

Want to take the drone-volution to the next level ?

Then we are looking for you !

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Care While Flying

Operations Manual


We have built IDRONECT as a connecting platform for drone pilots. ‘I Drone’ and ‘I Connect’ is where the name comes from. We encourage our users to share their drone pictures, videos, experiences (good and bad!) in our community. Join us !

Drones have the potential to help make the world a better place.  We give 5% of our earnings to 3 charities that use drones for their cause. The three charities are chosen yearly by our community. Because we care. Our users can follow these charities.

If you need an operations or procedure manual to describe your drone activities either for getting certified by the authorities or for your own interest, we support you. We write customized manuals for your specific activities while integrating IDRONECT.

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