Tracking and Geofencing.

Through real-time tracking every movement of a drone can be shown on the IDRONECT flight map, flight tracks can be played back, and actionable geofences can be drawn and used. Logbooks are automated thanks to the tracking function logic. Drones that have been lost can be retrieved and even traffic deconfliction for other known drone and aviation traffic can be provided.

All a user needs to do is to add the tracker to the accessory list in the IDRONECT account and switch it on. From then on, the tracker ‘s position, height and battery level is shown on the new flight map in IDRONECT. In addition, other drones known in the area and other aviation traffic can be shown as well.

Tracking can be used by recreational and professional pilots and we also see use-cases for drone schools, event organisers like concerts and security services. Even cities and towns can use our tracking and geofencing function to control drone flights in sensitive areas.

For making realtime tracking possible, IDRONECT entered into a partnership with Trax, who is manufacturer of the tracking device.

The European Union EASA has developed some common European rules for 2020 to ensure the free circulation of drones and a level playing field. To ensure that we’ll be able to keep providing you with a high quality platform that includes tracking, geofencing… We can count on our partner Trax!

Interested in buying a tracker?

Tracking is the solution for you? They’re normally available for €129 a piece but today you can get them for only €89! Keep in mind that you need a premium or enterprise account to use the tracker in IDRONECT. You can order a tracker by clicking on the buy now button.

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