Weather – NOTAMS – Solar Index.


For the flight location you get the actual weather situation for the present time and 4 hours ahead.

You can also check aviation weather forecasts in the area of your planned flight.

Solar Index (Kp)

For the day of the flight and the next two days you will see standard the Solar Index Kp (solar wind activity) in segments of 3 hours each.

When the Kp index reaches 4 an amber colour is shown to notify the pilot of a potential hazardous situation.

This information is also logged to your flight details


NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) are essential briefing notes for aviation personnel to know about important changes to the environment they will be operating in.

Activation of training areas, firework shows, air demo’s, military activity, closure of airspaces, obstacle information etc. are just but a few possible informations which may be important to know and to take into account if a flight is planned or carried out.

NOTAMS are also provided by the EUROCONTROL and as such we can guarantee accuracy and validity.

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